So, You’re Single–Do You Love it?

Is being single something you’re trying to get through?


Do you look forward to going back to work on Mondays because the Sunday crossword puzzle only takes a few hours–and then you don’t know what do you do with yourself the rest of day? Are you putting your life on hold as you spend countless hours scrolling through online dating profiles, holding onto hope and your dignity by a thread? Do you put all of your energy into a favorite sports team/hobby/TV show/gossipy Twitter tidbit because at least you’re connected to something?

Single180 is the brainchild of perpetual single girl, Robin Juliet.  It’s an online community where single people come together and celebrate everything there is to love about being single.

If only I had a partner . . . .

We’ve all heard It’s better to be alone than with the wrong person. Many of us have tried that rotten relationship route and can vouch for it. Being in a bad relationship isn’t going to solve anything.

So we wait.

And we keep our eyes open.

And we smile through rude comments.

And we make sure we’re putting ourselves out there.

And we wait some more.

Being single can feel like that, but it doesn’t have to

We’re here to tell you there’s hope. The pot at the end of the rainbow not only exists, it’s right there, right now. Instead of wallowing in our singleness.  Instead of doing whatever it takes to get through,  let’s embrace going solo with gusto.

Pursue your dreams.

Make new friends.

Date for fun.

Relish your alone time.

Join in the conversation today!


C'mon, join us . . .

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